“You have a true gift in working with children.  Your patience, gentle persistence and praise give your students a safe environment to try new things.  You have shown Claire that trying something new can be rewarding.  As a result she has a new found confidence to experiment with music and try new things in other areas.” - Rusty W.


“BTW, Eli continues to really enjoy piano.  There are many times when he'll just sit down to play with no prompting from me... which I value very highly.  And I think much of this is a tribute to how enjoyable you make the whole process.  So thanks.” - Julie S.


“Mike was creative and energetic and made the learning interesting and fun for our daughter.  He is a born teacher -- engaging, excited, interested, and respectful of his students.  We have pinched ourselves these last 3 years for finding such a wonderful teacher and person.”  - Aimee W.


“You’ve been great for Bella, and we feel quite blessed to have had you for the last two years.” - Renee G. “...we are impressed with how much she has learned and with the fact that she actually likes to sit down and play the piano on her own.” - David B.


“By the way, we love the work Patrick has been doing with you.”

- Tana L.


“Eleanor is very happy with the pieces. She came up and told me about them right away.  Thanks for finding a solution that she is content with.” - Missy B.


“Thanks for teaching my kids.” - Cathy T.