Hello website visitors!  I’m Mike Weiser and I created this website so you could learn more about what I do in the world of music.  

-Film, Television, Game and Media Composer;  I work as a composer for video games, film, television, web, animation, iPhone/iPad apps and advertisements.  Check out samples of my work by clicking here:  Soundtracks


-Piano Teacher;  I teach lessons for children, adults, beginners and beyond.  Read more about my approach to teaching as well as recommendations from my students here.


-Studio Musician; I have recorded on various artists’ albums remotely and in professional recording studios.  Check out music clips!


-Live Performer;  I play frequently with various artists and bands.

....headline news....

NEWS (12/21/11): Two new apps just released:  Operation Math - an educational math app by Spinlight Studio and Legion of the Damned - a turn based strategy game by Offworld Games.

NEWS (12/6/11): Coming soon:  Legion of the Damned!  It’s a strategy/action game based on the science fiction novel of the same name.  I composed a bunch of epic music for this massive iOS app.  See a preview of the game here: Legionofthedamned.com

NEWS (11/29/11):  Math Vs Zombies by Tap to Learn is released!  This is a great way to have fun doing math.  I composed the menu and in-game music themes.

NEWS (8/30/11): Wow!  It’s been a busy month.  Three new apps released this summer.  I composed the music for Yodel-Oh! by Spinlight Studios, also Big Fat Goalie by Swipeware, and Space Viking by Prop Group.

NEWS (7/14/11):  I’m proud to announce the release of SuperRope.  A new game for iOS by Craneballs Studios.  The iPhone app features one of my compositions and sound design by my business partner, Zach Dunham.

NEWS (6/2/11):  Let’s Jump! is released for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  I designed the sound effects and composed the soundtrack for this app developed by No Monkeys (Super 7) and published by Chillingo (Angry Birds).

NEWS (4/9/11):  Two new apps from Optime Software are here!  These are iOS versions of the original classics.  I composed the app soundtrack music for Sudoku and Reversi.  The apps are available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

NEWS (1/31/11): DoodleBoy is here!!! Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  Save the amusement park from evil zombies, clowns, and other bad guys.  I composed the soundtrack and designed the sound effects.

NEWS (11/16/10):  I’m proud to announce the release of ASTRONUT.  This iPhone app is an incredible display of what’s possible on mobile devices including top notch graphics, music, sound effects, and design.  Keep updated on Astronut events and link to a preview of the game which includes a soundtrack and sound effects that I produced.

NEWS (11/1/10):  Emantras releases Rhymes for Tots.  This iPad application features 3 of my nursery rhyme musical adaptations.  Here are links to listen to the 3 compositions included in the iPad app:

Humpty Dumpty

Jack and Jill

Hickory Dickory Dock

NEWS (10/29/10):  Fabulapps released the iPhone and iPad game Kiko.  This iPad/iPhone application’s soundtrack includes one of my best compositions.  The app is an exciting and dynamic puzzle game for iOS.  Watch the trailer here:  http://www.fabulapps.com/kiko/

NEWS (10/18/10):  Veggie Bomb is released!  I composed and produced the menu music for this great iPhone game.

NEWS (10/15/10):  Two of my mobile app game music compositions are featured on the new 1337 Mobile Game Music! Volume 1 compilation realeased by Atomicon.  Download the whole album for $10!

NEWS (10/8/10):  Attack Balls has been downloaded over a million times! The $.99 version features two of my compositions (menu and in-game) as well as two short sequences when you win or lose the game.  Check it out if you have an iphone, itouch, ipad, ihole...

NEWS (9/26/10):  Feeling strapped for cash?  Download these FREE apps that include my work as an iPhone app music composer and sound effects designer:

Move It! - classic block moving puzzle game

TowerlandT - medieval strategy card game

Rocket Sheep Rampage Lite - good and cheap animal fun

Traffic Control Lite - miami traffic mayhem

Marblenauts Lite - unique and cute puzzle/physics game

StickWars Lite - a classic iPhone game

NEWS (9/4/2010):  Move It! is released and available on the iTunes App Store.  I composed two music tracks and designed the sound effects for this excellent (and Free!) app by Optime Software.

NEWS (8/23/2010):  Reiner Knizia’s Samurai is released for the iPhone.  Based on the original board game and adapted for the iPhone by Conlan Rios.  I composed the music and designed the sound effects for this awesome app!

NEWS (7/7/10): A new iPhone game was released today that includes my original music:  Rocket Sheep Rampage!  Originally the music was to be used in a Gillette ad, but I'd rather see my music accompanying a rocket propelled sheep barreling down the highway than Derek Jeter slap Tiger Woods with his towel.

NEWS (6/25/10): Park Slope piano lessons, Windsor Terrace piano lessons, and Lefferts Gardens piano lessons available starting  July 1st!!!  Summer piano lessons are great for new beginners.

NEWS (6/20/10):  I composed the music to a powerful video produced by Becky Laks for AMDD and Columbia University.  The video was presented at the 2010 Women Deliver Conference (www.womendeliver.org) in Washington D.C.  Here's a link to view the video:  AMDD video

NEWS (6/3/10): My best work as an iPad soundtrack composer and sound designer is included in the new game Marblenauts.  View a youtube demo of the game and music here.  My composition “Rockzilla” is featured as a soundtrack in the new version of the popular game Fingerzilla

NEWS (4/23/10): Super 7 (iPhone app/game) released!  I contributed the sound design, SFX, and soundtrack music for this new iPhone game developed by No Monkeys, LLC.

NEWS (4/15/10): Glow Night Collection iPhone and iPad app released!  You can get 16 games for the price of one ($0.99) including Boppler, Cutter, and Extreme Jump which have sound design, SFX, and game soundtracks by Mike Weiser - composer and sound designer.

NEWS (4/7/10):  Today is World Health Day 2010.  I composed the soundtrack for a video produced by Becky Laks and Columbia University’s RAISE Initiative.  Featured on the Huffington Post today.

NEWS (2/20/10):  Nord Keyboards featured me on the Nord World section of their website.  It mentions my work as an iPhone app game music composer and producer.  Check it out!

NEWS (2/18/10):  Ramp Champ iPhone game soundtrack is released on iTunes.  Are iPhone game soundtracks a new revenue stream for musicians?


Pictures clockwise from far left: Performing at a wedding, piano keys, a backpacking trip with my wife Emily, on stage with Tom vs. Mike (photo:Natt Thangvijit)

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