StickWars - iPhone app soundtrack composer

Apple’s Best Games of 2009

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Ramp Champ’s Star Struck - iPhone game music

“Best Designed Game of 2009”-Macworld

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Legion of the Damned - iPhone app composer

“A soundtrack release is in order” - iFanzine.com

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Operation Math - iPad education app music

Operation Math for iPad succeeds” - Padgadget.com

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Let’s Jump - iOS composer and sound designer

“For All Fans of High Jumping Games”

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Sudoku (Optime Software) - game music and SFX

Over Six Thousand Ratings on iTunes!

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SuperRope - iPhone game composer

“Best Game Ever!”

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Astronut - iPhone app music and sound effects

“Astronomical!” - 148Apps.com

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Fingerzilla - iPhone and iPad app composer

“Cute, Fun, and Simple” -Whatsoniphone.com

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Reiner Knizia’s Samurai - iPhone game music

“Excellent game” -ReviewMyiPhoneApp.com

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Yodel-Oh! - iPhone iPad game music soundtrack

“Nicely done” - ArcadeLife

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Reiner Knizia’s Monumental - iPhone game music

5/5 rating from App Smile.com

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Traffic Control Game - iPhone game music soundtrack

creator of Domino Touch

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TowerLand - iPhone game soundtrack composer

4/5 rating from Touch Reviews.net

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iRamp Champ’s Plunderin’ Pirates - app soundtrack

“Puzzle Game of the Year”-iPhone Daily New Digest

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Super 7 - iPhone app game soundtrack and FX

“Counting has never been so fun.” -Slide to Play

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Marblenauts - iPad app game soundtrack, SFX

“addicting puzzle game” - ThePortableGamer

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Rocket Sheep Rampage - iPhone game music

Fun and addictive gameplay! - John Haslo

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Move It! - iPhone app music and sound effects

One of the best.... -Roger

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Attack Balls - iPhone & iPad game music composer

Over One Million Downloads!

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Rhymes for Tots - iPad educational app music composer

“Great addition to the iPad of any parent” -Touch Reviews

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Veggie Bomb - iPhone game music composer soundtrack

Totally addictive!

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Kiko: The Last Totem - iPhone & iPad app game music

“Truly polished puzzle game” - iPhoneFreak

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Reversi (Optime Software) - iOS composer and SFX

“One Of The Best I’ve Played.” - Gary M.

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Space Viking - iPhone iPad game music and sounds

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Big Fat Goalie - iPhone game music and sounds

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Math Vs Zombies - iPad game composer

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Medina - iPhone app music composer

“4.5 of 5 stars on Appdictions.com”

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Games by Psychosis Studios:

Extreme Jump - iPhone app game soundtrack composer

Cutter - iPhone app game soundtrack composer

Boppler - iPhone app game soundtrack composer

Additional iPhone app sound design & audio credits:

KidCalc, Wriggle, WordsWorth, Gravitate, and many of the great titles listed above.

Soundtracks - contact me to create an original soundtrack and sound effects for your project


Commercial - Rock


Video - Downtempo


Video - Electro/Dance


Children’s Interactive AudioBook - Kid’s Music


Video - Electropop


Animation Feature - Animated Score

The Adventures Of Super Al

Video - Emotional Score

At Two Fronts


Electronic Music - Ambient, Downtempo, etc.

Six Balloons

Tea Zone

113th Street

Beginning Mind

Animation Feature - Calypso, Surf, Dramatic Score, Big Band, etc.

The Adventures Of Super Al

Children’s Interactive AudioBook - Kid’s Music

The Search

Comedy Excerpt - Sitcom music

Comedic Action

Short Film Excerpt - Film music


All compositions © Mike Weiser and may not be used without permission

If you like what you hear or want to hear more, contact me at mikeweiser (at) me.com


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