Required Materials

You'll need all these items for piano lessons.  For some items, I've suggested a link to help you purchase the right item
1. Lesson Books (Mike will recommend for each student)
2. Spiral Bound Notebook - 8 x 10.5 (1 for each student, for assignments)
3. Three-Ring Binder with Pockets (1 for each student, that stays open on music rack for 8.5 x 11 copies)
4. Pencils with Erasers
6. Adjustable Footstool (when feet don't reach the floor while seated at the piano)
7. Bookshelf (for organizing music and materials)
8. Piano Lamp (if lighting is not sufficient)
9. Metronome (in working condition)
10. 60-Minute Mechanical Kitchen Timer (for keeping track of practice time)
11. iOS Device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad)