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Ramp Champ

I worked as composer of background music for the iOS game Ramp Champ. In addition, I created sound effects for the Halloween ramp. Named Macworld's Best Designed iPhone Game of 2009 A new twist on the classic boardwalk games skee-ball and pinball, Ramp Champ will delight and challenge players young and old. When you've completed the default ramps, more adventures await you via Ramp Champ's in-app purchase option. Each add-on pack offers new challenges, original music and collectible knickknacks. We composed the music for Star Struck and Plunderin' Pirates. We have to admit there's not much in common with futuristic space music and a sea pirate shanty, but that's what made this project so fun! We also designed the sound effects in the Trick-or-Treat ramp. African mallet instruments made for some great skull and bones sounds.

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