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Lep’s World 2

I was involved as the game music composer and audio lead for Lep's World 2 - the sequel to the popular iOS, iPhone, iPad app, Lep's World. For the menu and main in-game music soundtrack, I borrowed from traditional Celtic and Irish music sources. I then took those melodies and worked them into musical styles that fit the different worlds. For example, the Castle World features a traditional classical fugue composition in the style of J.S. Bach, and the Water World background theme is in a Caribbean style. There are a total of 9 compositions for the Menu, Main World, Desert World, Ice Cave World, Castle World, Forest World, Water World, Winter World, and Cave World. You can listen to the entire soundtrack on the embedded SoundCloud player.

Screenshot from Lep's World 2 Game for iPhone iPad iPod Touch Mike Weiser Game Soundtrack Music Composer

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