Piano Lessons

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Interested in piano lessons? In addition to composing and producing music, I'm now offering lessons for beginners and beyond. Read more information about my teaching philosophy and find up to date reviews on my Thumbtack page here:

Piano Lessons by Mike Weiser

Thumbtack is also a great resource for finding any service provider. Find someone to paint your house or teach you how to cook Indian food for the best price and read reliable reviews.

New Music for Ads, TV, Film, Soundtracks

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This has been a great season for building up our commercial and creative music catalog. Send an email if you are curious about licensing new music or would prefer a custom soundtrack for your project. You can check out the new tunes here:

More Music For Games, Apps, and Trailers

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We've been so busy at Mike Weiser Music that we forgot to update our website!!!  Here's the new game, app and trailer releases to check out:



We produced the music and sound for the new Scopely game trailer for Wordly.  Check it out!



Hullabalu released interactive books one and two in the Pandora series.  Pan:  The Fearless Beribolt and Chasing the Keeper.  Both are excellent interactive apps with great stories, artwork, and music.



Offworld Games released The Finest Hour.  This has become one of my all-time favorite strategy games with a World War 2 tank battle theme.  The music I composed is definitely epic to match the intense head-to-head action.



Violet Arts released Toby Space Rush.  It's a never ending space chase through a multitude of obstacles, power ups, and galaxies.  I produced the theme music and in-game music.



Spinlight Studio released the second in the Gappy series of educational apps - Gappy's Mystery Letters.  Great for young kids starting to ready.  Both apps feature a bunch of my music.


Game Soundtrack News for 2013

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Check out the newest released games and apps that include music and sound design by Mike Weiser Music:

MiniGolf - by Scopely and Rocket Jump Games
Gappy's First Words - by Spinlight Studio

Also, look for some new apps and games in the upcoming weeks that include my music by the following companies:

Offworld Games
Violet Arts
Spinlight Studio

More details about those coming soon....!


How To Find Music and Sounds For Your Video Games, iOS Apps, and Mobile Games

-by Mike Weiser - Game Audio Designer and Game Soundtrack Music Composer


Where do you look for great game music soundtracks and sound effects (SFX)?  Do you need royalty free music for your mobile game?  Do you hire a Game Music Composer and Sound Effects Designer or try to find stock music for your iOS app/game?


Great Questions.  There are many options for finding great music for your game.  Here are a few things to consider when researching your options for soundtracks and sound effects:


Do you want audio, music, and sounds that are unique to your game?


There are a few options for stock music and SFX, but there's no guarantee that these assets haven't already been used in other games, ads, films, etc.  I often compare original music to original artwork and graphic design.  Would you use a stock icon for your app?  Would you use stock characters and animation in your game?  Chances are the answer is no, because you want the game to look original.  It should sound original too.


Music heightens the fun and drama of a game.  It can also provide auditory rewards for meeting in-game achievements and leveling up.  It's rare that stock audio can match the unique creativity of you game.  Imagine if they had used stock music and stock sound effects for Star Wars?  Instead of John Williams's iconic music, it could have been b-sides from an amateur disco group.  It's funny to think about, but not what you want as a game designer or filmmaker.


How much music (approximate number of minutes) and tracks (menu, in-game, boss level) do you need for your game?


You can get a lot of mileage out of music tracks that are able to loop seamlessly.  This is especially useful if you don't know how long the player will be on each level of the game.  Although, it doesn't make sense to have a 30 second track loop on a level that will be played for over 5 minutes.  At that point, the music would sound very repetitive.  Most mobile game apps have music tracks between 1 and 3 minutes in length.  A 30 second loop might be fine for a menu screen or end of game animation sequence.  Longer music tracks are great for longer levels and challenging puzzle and strategy games.


Where do I get high quality game music and sound effects?


Right here!  Mike Weiser Music specializes in game audio including music, soundtracks, sound effects, voice acting, SFX, background music, theme songs, UI sounds, and more.


How much will it cost?


We've got a few options depending on your budget and requirement for licensing the music and sound effects.  We'll take a look at your needs and find the best solution for integrating the game music, audio, and sound effects.  Click on the "Contact" page to send us an email.  We will produce the original and professional audio your game needs.


-Mike W.


Mike Weiser

Upcoming Performance – New York, NY

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I will be playing with my band Now Over Ever at the new Freddy's bar in Brooklyn.  Here are the details:

When:  Thursday, October 11th at 8 p.m.

Where: 627 5th Ave between 17th & 18th St. - Freddy's Bar (in the back room)

Who: Mike Weiser (keys), Mike Brown (bass), Jay Jaskot (drums)

What:  Now Over Ever will be performing a bunch of new original music composed by Mike Weiser and Mike Brown at one of their favorite venues in all of NYC.

Why:  Music is good for you.  Please join us!

Link to Facebook Event Page

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer

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I wanted to showcase some of the video games and iOS, iPhone, iPad apps that feature my music.  What better way than create a video slideshow featuring images from a bunch of games and apps?  The first half of the video includes some epic game soundtrack music and images.  The second half of the video features a bunch of fun casual and kids games and images.  Click on one of the following links to watch the video:

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer - Mike Weiser - On Youtube

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer - Mike Weiser - On Vimeo


Quilt Video

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Music composer for video and ads

Video Soundtrack


Quilt is a realtime scrapbook app built by you and your best friends. Quilt developers Niko Cunningham and Austin Cooley wanted something that sounded fresh and modern for their promo video. I think a simple beat and a good guitar riff makes it work.


Fish Heroes

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Fish Heroes

Game Soundtrack

Craneballs released a new game that features my music.  The title track rides that invisible line between "funky" and "funny"

Oncotype DX

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Oncotype DX Image

Advertisement Soundtrack

Genomic Health wanted music that was elegant and inspiring for their video production.