New Music for Ads, TV, Film, Soundtracks

Posted on: December 11th, 2013 by Mike


This has been a great season for building up our commercial and creative music catalog. Send an email if you are curious about licensing new music or would prefer a custom soundtrack for your project. You can check out the new tunes here:

Game Soundtrack News for 2013

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Check out the newest released games and apps that include music and sound design by Mike Weiser Music:

MiniGolf - by Scopely and Rocket Jump Games
Gappy's First Words - by Spinlight Studio

Also, look for some new apps and games in the upcoming weeks that include my music by the following companies:

Offworld Games
Violet Arts
Spinlight Studio

More details about those coming soon....!

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer

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I wanted to showcase some of the video games and iOS, iPhone, iPad apps that feature my music.  What better way than create a video slideshow featuring images from a bunch of games and apps?  The first half of the video includes some epic game soundtrack music and images.  The second half of the video features a bunch of fun casual and kids games and images.  Click on one of the following links to watch the video:

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer - Mike Weiser - On Youtube

Video Game Soundtrack Music Composer - Mike Weiser - On Vimeo


Quilt Video

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Music composer for video and ads

Video Soundtrack


Quilt is a realtime scrapbook app built by you and your best friends. Quilt developers Niko Cunningham and Austin Cooley wanted something that sounded fresh and modern for their promo video. I think a simple beat and a good guitar riff makes it work.


Oncotype DX

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Oncotype DX Image

Advertisement Soundtrack

Genomic Health wanted music that was elegant and inspiring for their video production.

Koombea Commercial

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Koombea reel screenshot

Video Soundtrack

Koombea needed some straight-up rock and roll for their 2011 reel, so that's what I gave them. Check it out.